January 2018 Activities

Happy New Year!

Can you believe 2018 is already upon us? There are so many wonderful times to reflect on from 2017 that we are thankful for – our Garden Club, the Family Cookout, and many birthdays in between! We can’t wait to have yet another amazing year.

The New Year kicks off with an activity-packed calendar, just the way we like it. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for special content and updates!

October 2017 Activities

Wait a second… Is October dressed up as July for Halloween?

You won’t hear our ladies complaining about more time on the patio! You’ll hear us chanting “one last day”!

There are plenty of activities to look forward this month. In addition to the regular fan favorites, dancing, crosswords, and crafts, we’ve incorporated a new activity called “Let’s Take a Hike” to get us outdoors. Perfect for leaf peeping!

The highlight of our month will of course be the Halloween party. We’ve already begun to hang decorations! Stay updated with pictures by following us on Facebook.

September 2017 Activities Calendar

September is already off to a great start here at Countryside!

This month we will be continuing our “mini outings”, fall style. Picnic? 🍂🍁Leaf peeping? We’ll see what the weather brings! We will also be joined by Pat Hoye for a musical performance on the 15th. The ladies are looking forward to jamming out to some tunes as usual!

Check out what else is going on in this month’s activities calendar.

March 2017 Activities

March is a month of change –

A new season, moving the clocks forward, and hopefully more time outdoors. While our activities are planned, we’re armed and ready for spontaneous activities outside!

This month is full of festive activities in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. Leading up to our party on the 17th, we can expect Irish-themed weekend games and crafts from Karen, and if we’re lucky, a ballad or two during Thursday singalong. The party doesn’t stop there, because on the 20th Kevin Farley will be paying us a visit for some live Irish tunes!

Check out our full month of activities in the calendar below. And as always, a special shout out to our March birthdays, Betty, Grace,  and Mabel!

February 2017 Activities

February already?!

It’s been a mild winter so far but we are crossing our fingers that Mr. Groundhog has good news tomorrow. The month is short but jam-packed with holidays, new activities, and birthdays planned. We kick off things by rooting on Tom Brady and our Patriots this Sunday – go New England!

Jeff Thomas will be joining us on Valentine’s Day for some festive entertainment. In February we are also debuting a weekly roundtable discussion, inspired by Nora and her eagerness to discuss the world’s most hotly debated topics. As a nod to her curiosity, we named the discussion “Nora wants to know…”, which will now be held Wednesdays at 1:30.

Special shout out to Agnes and Eleanor, our February birthdays! Happy Birthday Ladies!

January Activities Calendar

Happy 2017!

New year means new activities to look forward to. Kathy always finds fun ways to keep us active during the week, we can’t wait to play Wackoball and Bowlerama! On the weekends, Karen never fails to surprise us with new games and crafts (and if you haven’t already, read up on the creative ways she comes up with them here).

Check out what else we have in store for January in our Activities Calendar below.

P.S. Can’t forget about our January birthday gals. Happy Birthday Peggy and Joan!

January 2017 Activities

December Activities Calendar

December has arrived! We’re spending this afternoon decking the halls, but have lots of activities planned that bring holiday cheer throughout the month.

Entertainer Joe Saracin will join us next week to sing us a few Christmas songs! 🎶 On the 19th we’ll be taking a drive around town to see our local beautiful lights.

Lucky for us, Hannukah and Christmas fall on consecutive days this year, which makes for a holiday-packed weekend!

Check out our full activities calendar below, and be sure to follow us on Facebook.December Activities

November Activities Calendar

Happy November! We’re shifting from Halloween to Thanksgiving decorations and gearing up for four birthday celebrations this month. No complaints here!

We will be staying active with weekly indoor games like bowlerama, soccer, and golfing. That said, Sundays are reserved for rooting on Tom Brady and our Patriots!

Check out all of the other activities we have planned in November’s calendar below.

November Activities

October Activities Calendar


Fall has arrived!

At Countryside, we’re big fans of October. Patriots games, pumpkins, what’s not to love? The month kicks off with the ladies from Pinehill Garden Club, who will be joining us for a coffee social on 10/3. And speaking of gardening, our backyard-grown tomatoes are harvested and ready to be used in one of the ladies’ all-time favorite dishes, Pomodoro Arroz! We can’t wait to learn how the dish is made during one of our Thursday “What’s Cooking” sessions.

Check out what else we’ve got planned in our Monthly Activities Calendar below.

Games with Karen!

If you’ve seen any of Countryside’s Monthly Activities Calendars, “Games with Karen” is almost always a part of the weekend lineup. For years, Karen has been a part of the staff at Countryside who doubles as our fabulous weekend game host. We interviewed Karen on the creative ways she keeps our residents entertained.


How and when did “Games with Karen” become a staple of weekend activities?

Before joining Countryside, I was a teacher, corporate trainer, and team-building facilitator. So, back in 2013 when Lynn asked if I would be interested in conducting activities with the residents every other weekend, I jumped at the opportunity. On my first weekend we started off with “Getting to Know You” team building activities, and the rest is history!

It sure is. How do you decide which games are played each week?

I plan activities around current events, seasons, or upcoming holidays.  This includes trivia, math, word games, geography, card games, exercising, story hour, and more.  On some weekends, I’ll get inspiration by looking at a “day of the month” calendar to see what the specific day is known for, and create games from there.  A couple of weeks ago, I tied 3 activities around one theme – the flower of the day. First, we had a group discussion learning all about the flower which was called “Snow in Summer”. Then we did a trivia quiz where I asked the residents questions about the flower, and followed it up with a word game where they had to find as many words within the phrase “Snow in Summer” as they could. The ladies found 105!

Wow, that’s amazing! What are some of the favorite types of games the residents like to play?

In addition to the more traditional games like Bingo, the residents love brain teasers like word games, trivia, and puzzles. They especially enjoy trying to find words within other words or phrases. To get moving between games, we’ll do the hokey pokey or chicken dance (in our chairs of course), which never fails to make everyone laugh! The residents also enjoy making flower arrangements to put in their rooms. I’ll bring in mini carnations that they cut and arrange, then put into vases and decorate with ribbons. We even have an official ribbon curler!

I guess the activities span far beyond games! Are there any new games or activities that you’re trying out?

We just began playing a game called “Loose Change” where each player is dealt a hand of cards, each with a picture of a nickel, dime, quarter, or 50 cent coin. The object of the game is to get your hand to add up to exactly one dollar. The game can get tricky so we’re still trying to master it, but the residents seem to enjoy it and we’re getting better every time we play. No calculators allowed!

Sounds challenging! I think I’ll stick to the chicken dance. Overall, what is your favorite part about these game sessions every week?

I love interacting with the ladies and seeing their faces light up when we do the activities. They have a wealth of knowledge that they love to share!